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Extra Kute Salon and Spa


Chicago’s Fine South Suburban Hair Salon Extra Kute Goes Beyond the Salon

Chicago based salon and spa Extra Kute presents a medium in which problems concerning hair care can be discussed and addressed through an interactive radio program aptly titled ‘The Hair Trauma Show.’

Chicago, IL — July 5, 2013 –  The Hair Trauma Show, broadcasted live every Sunday at 7:30 am on Soul 106.3 offers comprehensive advice on a wide range of hair care issues and answers questions concerning damaged hair and scalp conditions. Listeners are free to call the program to receive advice from a team of hair care experts including Trish, a hair care professional and D’Lonzo, a celebrity stylist &hair analysis specialist.


“The program seeks to enlighten listeners and give answers to questions that are frequently left unanswered,” said D’Lonzo. “It will pay close attention to hair analysis using tri-scope technology which is offered exclusively to South Chicago at Extra Kute.”


Tri-scope analysis is a method of hair and scalp evaluation that is primarily used for diagnosing scalp and hair conditions. This method allows hair to be viewed at two to five hundred times magnification, which provides a clear visualization of hair shafts, hair follicles and the condition of the scalp.


Beautiful, strong and healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. Hair analysis is a critical element of an effective hair care service. A thorough analysis helps to determine how hair will react to hair care treatment and will help to determine critical solutions to damaged hair. Depending on the findings of a tri-scope analysis specialists at Extra Kute Salon and Spa will recommend personalized hair care solutions and treatments.

The Hair Trauma Show represents just another element of customer focus that Extra Kute’s fully equipped state of the art facility offers. The salon caters to both men and women and also provides a full suite of spa services that includes esthetician services, manicures and pedicures as well as massage therapy.


To find out more information about Extra Kute Salon and Spa please visit www.ekhairsalon.com or call 855-357-2566.


About Extra Kute Salon and Spa

Extra Kute is a full service salon and spa based in the Chicago South Suburban area that offers a wide range of hair and beauty services, provided by a team of highly trained stylist, nail techs, barbers, and massage therapists all in one convenient location.Extra Kute Salon and Spa aims to provide complete satisfaction.




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